"Women’s Messages from Japan"—–The bilingual women’s journal
Editor in chief: Noriko Takashima

Women’s Messages
Nagaokakyo-city,Kyoto,Japan 617-0828
Phone&Fax: 075-956-1388(Inside Japan) ,+81759561388(Overseas)

Circulation: 2000 copies . A4 size. 30~40 pages.

Read by all kinds of people.—National:working women, homemakers, students, Women’s Center,universities, libraries, municipal governments, etc.—International: UN,Embassies, journalists, libraries etc.(Received in 87 countries)

Purpose: *To introduce the life of Japanese people to people of other nations. *To introduce the realities of being a Japanese women from personal perspective. *To exchange information and ideas with people of other nations. We also enjoy intercultural exchange and publish information from women around the world.(No political and religious affiliations)

Activities: *Current Topic Meetings held to exchange ideas and opinions. (Admission 1,000 yen) *"Women’s Messages from Japan" (2~3 Publishes a year) Subscription 3,000 yen/year *Editor’s meeting (every Friday)

How to get W.M.: Send to W.M.Office : 3,000 yen by postal transfer. The number is 01030-7-41409 The receiver is Women’s Messages –Notice of Current Topic Meeting latest information:Postage 1,500 yen/year